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It's a Year Already! : Baby's Twelfth Month Guide
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Time to discipline?

It is perhaps time to set some rules for your one year-old baby. Be consistent about your discipline strategy. Practice what you preach. Encourage and appreciate him when he exhibits good behavior.

Delightful companion

You cannot imagine life without your wonderful twelve month-old! She seems more affectionate and often showers you with hugs and kisses.

Help your child sharpen her creative skills. Give her colorful crayons and watch her scribble away on paper (don't forget to preserve her first piece o 'art!'). Introduce her to a variety of music and watch her shake her leg.

When you review your one year-old baby's photo album, you are bound to get nostalgic about the incredible year that has gone by. Your pink, fragile and vulnerable newborn, your cooing, smiling, napping or brawling baby, your crawling and standing darling …..and her first independent steps into freedom……How time flies!

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It's a Year Already! : Baby's Twelfth Month Guide
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