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Essential Baby Clothes

 by: Stephanie Pearce

People love to buy baby gifts - especially the adorable baby outfits.

Beautiful outfits with cute buttons or bows are plentiful even in the smallest of sizes, but they are not very practical.

New parents need to know that they will be changing their new arrival countless times a day and that babies are very messy in general.

Following is a checklist of basic baby essentials that you will really need--so stock up on these!

Baby Clothing

* one-piece outfits (onesies) with snaps for easy changing

* one-piece footed pajamas (you generally want soft cotton, easy to change outfits)

* newborn socks

* little booties   (continued...)

Essential Baby Clothes
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About The Author

Stephanie Pearce is the owner of Things for Mom an online boutique offering natural products for a healthy baby including quality organic cotton baby toys, wooden baby toys, organic baby clothes, breastfeeding support items, and bath time and feeding time products. To purchase natural baby care products or for more natural baby care resources, we invite you to visit our website at www.thingsformom.com.