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Baby Showers
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Avoid time consuming dinners. Choose a menu with which you are familiar. Serving a full meal is not required, but certainly snacks, hors d'oeuvres, cakes, and pies are a welcome addition. I’ve even seen where the guests each bring a dessert or snack plate. Check your supplies way ahead of time. Linen, silver, tables, dishes. Always overestimate the amount of food you will need. Make sure you have chafing dishes or hot plates. Clean and cook ahead of time. Do not wait until the last minute. Plan seating that will encourage lively conversation. When serving buffet style, be sure you have enough tables or lap trays.

What kind of invitations do I send out for my baby shower?

There are way too many options to discuss here, but http://www.babyport.info/33231.php has several options you can choose from.

What about party favors and decorations for my baby shower?

This is another area where there are so many options. A simple search on the web for baby shower favors and decorations will yield a ton of resources, but if you want to make it easier and don’t have time to sort through the entire net, go to http://www.babyport.info/40812.php for help.

Other Baby Shower Tips

Buy camera film. Have someone else at the party be in charge of taking pictures. Chances are, you will be busy. If you get a lot of great shots, you can make a memento album for the parents later.

Don't forget the guest bathroom. Add extra touches like scented soap and lotion. Keep tissue and feminine items in an obvious place.

Pay attention to your guests. Know when they are ready to move on to the next phase of the party.

It can be a little awkward at first. A few close friends arriving early can create an instant party buzz.

About The Author

Robin Darch, of PRT Specialised Services Limited has a website, http://www.babyport.info to help parents find all the information they need about babies, baby names, baby showers, products for babies, baby clothing, and more. There is also more about baby showers at http://www.babyport.info/42831.php Chris McElroy runs a missing children’s organization at http://www.kidsearchnetwork.org.


Baby Showers
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